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 Suzette & The Collection

Born in New Zealand, then brought up in London and New York, Suzette has travelled extensively in Europe and Asia, discovering the beauty and luxury of international homewares and local crafts.

Based in Byron Bay since 1996, she established Suzette’s Collection in 2000 with the desire to bring 21st century manchester designs into Australasian homes.

Suzette travels regularly for inspiration, returning with a wealth of cultural influences that are reflected in her unique designs. She fuses Asian fabric styles with European trends to create sophisticated manchester that delivers distinction and flair to the bedroom.

With an emphasis on originality, tailoring and durability, Suzette’s Collection features innovative designs such as boxed pillows and dual-fabric duvet covers. Her designs cater to a range of tastes, including masculine, feminine or neutral styles.

Whether your bedroom suite is contemporary laminate or classic timber, manchester from Suzette’s Collection will enhance the ambiance of your sanctuary and leave a lasting impression.